1. How do we get a caravan/mobile home in one of the parks?

Contact us to arrange a meeting at one of the parks.

2. Can we bring our dog with us on holiday to the caravan?

Yes of course, provided you obey the rules regarding dogs.

3. Are there any park rules and what are they?

Marblehill Holiday Parks have a fairly standard set of rules and a copy can be obtained by filling out the contact us form or emailing us.

4. When does the park close for the winter – open for the summer season?

Our site licence states that we are open from March to November, this is because we are licensed to operate as a holiday park and not a residential park. But the park is open all year and in effect can be used at any time.

5. Who can use the caravan?

The family and friends of the licence holder, provided the number of people using the caravan at any one time does not exceed the number the caravan is designed for.

6. Can we rent out our caravan?

No, the rental of caravans by our clients/licensees is not allowed under any circumstances.

7. What is meant by the term Licence holder/Licensee?

To have a caravan on one of our Parks a site licence is required. This is issued by us every year on receipt of the site licence fee. The holder is the person to whom we have given a licence, the use of a site licence is now common practice on holiday caravan parks. A copy can be obtained by filling out the contact us form or emailing us.

8. How much is the site licence fee?

For up-to-date information on site licence fees fill out the contact us form or email us.

9. What other charges are there for getting on to the park?

We require a deposit from the Licensee and this secures the pitch. The deposit is refunded less anything owed when the pitch is vacated. For information on the deposit fill out the contact us form and we’d be happy to forward info.